100 METROS DE DO MAYOR (694 octavas)

100 metros de Do mayor ( 694 octavas),  2014. Paint on transparent PVC film, ink and pencil on paper. Variable dimensions Installation view: “La Vietnamita” exhibition at Espacio OTR. Madrid, Spain, 2014)


In this work I used the same procedure as in my pintura digital series, based on the repetitive movements of the fingers playing scales on the piano as a way of measuring time and limiting space. In 100 metros de Do mayor (694 octaves) I applied a color to each finger (black for the thumb and white for the other fingers) and then I “played” the scale of C major with the right hand over the 100 meters of the PVC tape.  The drawing shows the score of the C major scale. The color of the notes matches the color of the finger used to “play” each note.

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